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           Keywords|                            |bibisected, bisected,
                   |                            |regression
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--- Comment #3 from raal <> ---
This seems to have begun at the below commit.
Adding Cc: to Markus Mohrhard ; Could you possibly take a look at this one?

471e165665cd14f93d6df2fb5c0adb6efa95bca8 is the first bad commit
commit 471e165665cd14f93d6df2fb5c0adb6efa95bca8
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <>
Date:   Thu Mar 16 19:36:38 2017 -0700

    source sha:d4bdac90c3b12d1de74b99786f2e830ee2ae18dc
author    Markus Mohrhard <>    2017-03-16
21:46:57 +0100
committer    Markus Mohrhard <>    2017-03-17
02:31:45 +0000
commit    d4bdac90c3b12d1de74b99786f2e830ee2ae18dc (patch)
tree    84b91200cb3205ef916ff687fa90f9c3ded8cca9
parent    01667d040d9280ee2d918a4bc4a5147e870c039c (diff)
CopyOneCellFromClip also copies one row ranges, tdf#106242

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