Bug ID: 115862
           Summary: Multiple anomalous behaviours in "Bullets and
                    Numbering > Customise > Character" dialogue in
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: release
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
                OS: Mac OS X (All)
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: minor
          Priority: medium
         Component: Impress

Trying to use "Bullets and Numbering > Customise > Character" dialogue to
change the font of bullet characters in Impress presentations can trigger
multiple buggy behaviours.

See below for steps to reproduce.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create new Impress presentation with "File>New>Presentation". Select the
"Blue Curve" template from the chooser. Click Open.

2. Select "View>Master Slide".

3. Place the cursor in the text "Second Outline level" on the displayed Master
Slide and right click to select "Bullets and Numbering".

4. Select "Customise" in the "Bullets and Numbering" dialogue. Select Level 1
in the selector on the left.

5. Click on the "Character: Select ..." button. Observe that the "OK" button in
the resulting "Special Characters" dialogue box is deactived (greyed out).

At this point we can trigger several different buggy behaviours:

6.1 At the bottom of the Special Characters window is an array of "Favourite
Characters". Double-clicking on any of these causes that character to
(incorrectly) appear on the master slide at the insertion point.

6.2 Alternatively, use the "Font:" pull-down at the top of the dialogue box to
change the font of the bullet character. Two bugs manifest themselves:

6.2.1 If the new font has the desired Code Point, and despite the preview
correctly showing the bullet character in the new font, the "OK" button
incorrectly remains deactivated (greyed out), preventing the new font being
selected. One must pointlessly click on the already-highlighted symbol in the
selection grid to activate the "OK" button.

6.2.2 If the new font does not have the desired Code Point, the character
selection grid appears to scroll at random. There is no other indication that
the character is not selectable in that font. If the "OK" button was active
before, it (incorrectly) remains active. Clicking on OK *DOES* cause the bullet
character to change - but I can't work out to what font.

Buggy behaviours 6.1, 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 are in Version: (Build ID:
60bfb1526849283ce2491346ed2aa51c465abfe6) running under MacOS 10.11.6

LO and do not have the  "Favourite Characters" feature, so do
not exhibit bug 6.1.

LO (Build ID: 2e2573268451a50806fcd60ae2d9fe01dd0ce24), running under
10.11.6  exhibits behaviour 6.2.1 the first time the Special Characters window
is opened in a particular run of the program, but then not subsequently.

LO (Build ID: 2e2573268451a50806fcd60ae2d9fe01dd0ce24), running under
10.11.6 seems to exhibit behaviour 6.2.2.

Actual Results:  
See "Steps to Reproduce".

Expected Results:
See "Steps to Reproduce".

Reproducible: Always

User Profile Reset: Yes

OpenGL enabled: Yes

Additional Info:
Build ID: 60bfb1526849283ce2491346ed2aa51c465abfe6
CPU threads: 4; OS: Mac OS X 10.11.6; UI render: default; 
Locale: en-GB (en.UTF-8); Calc: group

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.11; rv:58.0)
Gecko/20100101 Firefox/58.0

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