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--- Comment #12 from Aron Budea <> ---
In / Ubuntu 17.10 there's the following error:
"General input/output error while accessing"

Bibisected to the following commit using repo bibisect-linux-64-5.4. Adding Cc:
to Chris Sherlock.

Chris, I'm not sure what the rationale is behind this mixup, and the original
intention of swapping the two is unclear as well, as they are and were in the
same order in file.h:
E_SPIPE        = osl_File_E_ROFS,
E_ROFS         = osl_File_E_SPIPE,
author          Chris Sherlock <>     2017-05-14
18:56:19 +1000
committer       Chris Sherlock <>     2017-05-14
13:52:21 +0200

osl: document file.hxx, swap order of E_ROFS and E_SPIPE to match file.h

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