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(In reply to Julien Nabet from comment #15)
> According to your last bt, since it seems there's no gtk libs present on
> your env (only gtk3), LO used kde rendering for your test with gtk.
> Let's put this one to NEW given the bts.

Did something change internally in LO? I've been using Kubuntu (currently
17.10) and LO had been working fine for months without crashes.

The only thing I did prior to running into the crashes was to apply a LO update
that showed up in the repositories today.

Nothing else was changed. And since I was using LO before the update and had to
resume using it afterwards, it was pretty easy to realize that the issues
arrived b/c of the update.

Is there at least a way to specify rendering to gtk3 when launching LO from the
K Application Launcher -at least while a proper fix is released?

This is very disrupting.

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