--- Comment #57 from Tor Lillqvist <> ---
I think the essential thing in the tracebacks that hasn't bee mentioned (?) is
the -[VCL_NSApplication screenParametersChanged:] line. For some reason, on
some machines, that notification gets called too early before the SolarMutex
has been set up (and VCL initialised in general).

However, I could not reproduce it directly on my machine, using any of the
hints above (tried both running
"instdir/", "open
instdir/", and even putting it into the Dock and clicking
that. The screenParametersChanged: method does not get called.

I think in some other Mac crash bug report I have seen mentions that if the
Dock has been resized to a non-standard size you would get crashes, so I tried
that, too. I even tried resizing it back and forth while LO was starting, and
with the machine loaded with a LO build with make -j10. But no crash.

But, if I add a sleep(5) in initNSApp() (vcl/osx/salinst.cxx):

>    [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver: NSApp
>                                          selector: 
> @selector(screenParametersChanged:)
>                                          name: 
> NSApplicationDidChangeScreenParametersNotification
>                                          object: nil ];
>    SAL_DEBUG("     sleeping a bit");
>    sleep(5);
>    SAL_DEBUG("     slept");

and then change the Dock size in System Preferences while LO is sleeping,
Boom!. The backtrace is exactly as mentioned here.

I guess it is possible that some machines have some modifications to settings,
or particular hardware or software, that causes the system to send all apps a
NSApplicationDidChangeScreenParametersNotification when they start, and in the
LibreOffice case that arrives before it is ready.

So, the fix to this bug is probably to move the notification addObserver: calls
to some later point, after VCL and the SolarMutex have been initialised. Will

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