Timur <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|RESOLVED                    |NEW
            Version|3.3.4 release               |3.3.0 release
         Resolution|DUPLICATE                   |---
            Summary|VIEWING: Message: Protected |Add option for message
                   |Cells Cannot be Modified    |"Protected Cells Cannot be
                   |                            |Modified" also for Delete
                   |                            |key (as for Backspace)

--- Comment #5 from Timur <> ---
This was a valid request, to show message "Protected Cells Cannot be Modified"
also for Del (as for Backspace). 
It's closed as a duplicate but Bug 43087 is messy and hard to follow. So I'll

It was written that Del intentionally produces no messages but it was not
explained and it's doubtful. It's true Delete key deletes the contents without
a dialog, unlike Backspace. And that's opposite to OO, so version is LO 3.3.
But this bug is about an error and it's response.

My view is that Delete should produce the same error. But I'd suggest to add an
option for that message in Tools-Options-Calc-General-Input-Show warning when
deleting protected cells with Delete key.

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