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I do not think it is an Apple bug.  I don't have a lot of apps that
enable/support a contextual recents list in the dock, but I did check several
(not an exhaustive test of every app, of course) that do. 

The following ones exhibited the expected ("correct") behavior, i.e. they
cleared the recents list in the dock when it was cleared from their "open
recent files" (or equivalent) menu entry:


The following ones exhibited the "wrong" behavior, i.e. they did not clear the
dock list:

*text wrangler
*neo office
(this one) *libreoffice

* means non-Apple program

All were, I believe, the most recent versions.
So, in the spirit of this thread, if my bug report has gotten lost, I can also
report it is still present in LibreOffice as of this date.  I'm sorry I
couldn't find the original report when I filed mine, although I did look for

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