--- Comment #4 from Thorsten Behrens (CIB) <> ---
(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #3)
> What I mean is that you cannot "have a different effect" when none is added
> before. If an effect has been added all controls are accessible, if the list
> is empty the user have to add one.

Clarification & example - I want to assign 'motion path, five-point star'.
There's two ways currently to do that:

* add 'entrance, appear', then change the already-assigned effect to the one I
really wanted
* do the dance from above to an unrelated shape, then delete that effect, then
use the new default to assign 'motion path, five-point star' to my _actual_

Before, with enabled extra controls, I could do all those tweaks _before_
assigning an effect. Note that assigning effects can _already_ trigger actions,
like splitting an outline text into sub-effects. So changing effect type before
or after is _not_ identical in all cases.

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