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I'm attempting to paste into the LibreOffice Calc file. It fails.

However seeking to paste it into TextEdit succeeds.

So, this is my new test.

1. Create Calc file
2. Save Calc file as junk.ods
3. Write something in a cell - e.g. Foo
4. Focus on the cell, CTRL-C
5. Move somewhere else on the sheet, CTRL-V - all good, the copy & paste worked
6. Whilst still in the junk.ods file, File, Save As
7. Cursor focus on the Save As field in the file save dialogue box
9. Cancel out of the file save dialogue box
10. Focus on a cell
11. CTRL-V into cell - FAIL. I paste the value I collected in Step 4
12. Command-Tab to TextEdit
13. CTRL-V - Success - the filename is pasted
14. Command-Tab back into the LibreOffice spreadsheet
15. CTRL-V - Success - the filename is pasted


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