--- Comment #53 from Michael Meeks <> ---
Nice trace - so; I imagine that DisplayChanged is presumably the right thing to
emit only when something changed - eg. the space available for the app (does
that happen when the dock re-sizes ?

Also - I'm suspicious of:

svx/source/tbxctrls/tbcontrl.cxx-    else if ( ( rDCEvt.GetType() ==
DataChangedEventType::FONTS ) ||
svx/source/tbxctrls/tbcontrl.cxx:              ( rDCEvt.GetType() ==
DataChangedEventType::DISPLAY ) )

I guess this is perhaps to handle things like font-hint changes on Linux
(perhaps) - and I imagine that this particular font combo box is -very-
expensive to setup & re-render.

Might be nice to just use FONTS for that - and try to detect if any display
settings affect font rendering - and emit a FONTS changed if they do (?) =)

            // HACK: Comparing is incomplete

comment in lcl_GetDocFontList looks particularly interesting to investigate I
guess =) if we can avoid re-building it I imagine life is far better.

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