--- Comment #9 from Aron Budea <> ---
Hints for reverse bibisecting (when looking for the fixing commit instead of
when a bug was introduced):

1. Verify if the bug is fixed in the latest state and is there in the oldest
state. The commands to jump between the two are:
git checkout oldest / git checkout master

2. Copy the hash from the latest master commit (git log master), and start
bibisecting with:
git bisect start <latest hash> oldest

(the oldest hash is tagged as 'oldest')

3. At each step, test behavior,
-if it is OK: git bisect bad
-if it fails: git bisect good
-if the build doesn't start or something: git bisect skip

When reverse bibisecting, you have to use the opposite parameters for 'git
bisect', that's why you have to proceed with 'bad' when it's working fine, and
with 'good' when it fails.

4. After 12 steps or so, you should arrive at a single commit, paste the
source-hash here.

Pay close attention to step 3., it's very easy to mix up. Good luck!

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