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           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|"Zero Width Non Joiner"     |"Zero Width Non Joiner"
                   |does not select alternate   |does not select correct
                   |glyph in a certain font     |alternate glyph

--- Comment #32 from Patrick Schönbach <> ---
I still wonder why you keep ignoring clear evidence. The spec clearly states
thst the glyph before ZWNJ has to be rendered as *final form*, and the glyph
after ZWNJ has to be rendered as *initial form*.

We have clear evidence (at least concernig the final form) that this does not
happen in LO. We also have clear evidence that other word processors do work
this way, and, first and foremost, the specs clearly call for this behavior (I
quoted different sources).

The "Wachs|tube" example is a perfect demonstration, by the way. It is *not
enough* here to split the "st" ligature here. Also, the "s" has to be a *final
form*, because otherwise, the result is *not typographically correct*! It is
not the responsibility of individual fonts to implement this behavior, but the
word processor has to get the ZWNJ behavior right, as it is stated in the

Therefore, this is a bug.

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