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This is in essence a dupe of bug 90374; it describes the same issue. If the
issue is present as problem (bug 90374) or solution (enhancement, comment 7)
doesn't matter.

I personally agree with Luke, it's a bug. A minor one though. Different minimum
sizes is unexpected and counter-intuitive for the basic - regular? - user
(surprise effect).


Some basic question in advance (which someone should answer first)
* Why are there minimum deck size?
* Why a the minimum/maximum sizes of the decks a shared setting?
-> Visual consistency? 


Personal opinion:
-> It's illogical: if we acknowledge the need for minimum sizes, then we should
respect them in any case. No circumventions.. 
-> It's Inconsequent (no unity): All decks look the same, some should behave
the same
-> It's unfunctional: I would expect a deck to be functional when switching
-> It's visually annoying if every deck had a own size setting. 

A small size will render some decks unusable, a larger size doesn't hurt. Based
on consistency I would like a global default minimum size, where all the decks
are fully functional.

I understand that there are some user cases, for shrinking the deck below the
"global" minimum. Which sounds a bit like special user needs (my opinion; no
workflow expert). A possible solution would be to 'set a default minimum size'
which can be bypassed. Something like CTRL+DRAG for people who really want that
to happen...

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