--- Comment #2 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
And yet despite the "survey" ESC agreed tthat the Quickstarter would be
deprecated at 5.4 for Linux builds [1], and was dropped at 6.0 [2]

It has never existed for OSX builds, and it represents a source of continued
instability on Windows builds. Following suit, and removing it now from the
code base for Windows builds is appropriate as we have dropped support for
Windows XP and Vista.

Microsoft had dropped the OSA launcher from Office at the 2003 release, and at
Windows 7 they brought in the entire Jump List infrastructure (of pinned Start
menu and Task bar launchers) that LO supports reasonably well. Meaning, the
residual Quickstarter on Windows is not a required GUI having already been
replaced with Windows specific interface that the project already implements.

The Quickstarter is a maintenance headache that just needs to go.



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