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> 1. heuristics, that try to make smart guesses how to understand files. It
> mostly works but sometimes not. This is what Excel does and if it fails then
> you have no chance to convice it to think differently. (I hate it if this
> comes up. :))

This is not true and comes across as misinformation intended to justify
something that has pissed users off for years.

In Excel if you open a csv file from Explorer by just clicking on it, yes it
will use basic locale based heuristics and attempt to open the file. For
Unicode csv files it does get this wrong sometimes. However it's heuristic is
perfectly adequate for opening the vast majority of ASCII csv files, and I've
never had a problem with it.

If you have a csv file that Excel's automatic opening cannot handle, then you
can click Data -> from Text/CSV, select your file, and you are then presented
with a dialog similar to the one in LibreOffice that enables you to manually
select the encoding, character separation options etc.

If LibreOffice can just do that same as Excell in this regard, and with better
Unicode support too, that would make a lot of people very happy.

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