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It's me,(wife says so also :)  ). Not same as other bug. My LO run real
well. Monthly, or so, I would check for UPDATES, it always said i was updated.
I would click on the pull down, help, then click on "CHECK FOR UPDATE". It
always said my was updated. But I kept seeing on other sites a LO 6.0!
So I went to LO, and there was a 6.0! (So now I'm thinking "CHECK FOR UPDATE"
did not mean a new version..?? ) The only thing I knew to do to update, was to
uninstall my, and install the new 6.0. So I did that and everything is
still, OK, great! I like it then new one. With all that, my way of saying
THANKS, (by letting you know of the above), THANKS for keeping such a great
software working so smoothly. I have a dell e6420 i5, windows 10. LO 6.0 also
works on my dell 6420 i5 (ya, 2)Linux Lite, even the macros! Thanks

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