--- Comment #38 from Michael Meeks <> ---
Presumably the OpenGLSalGraphicsImpl (and other SalGraphicsImpls too) - and its
associated WinSalGraphics survives longer than the SalGeometryProvider which is
either a SalFrame or a SalVirtualDevice.

Then again the apparently deranged lifecycle of SalGraphics as they relate to
SalFrames etc. is something of a nightmare:

    // SalGraphics or NULL, but two Graphics for all SalFrames
    // must be returned
    virtual SalGraphics*    AcquireGraphics() = 0;
    virtual void            ReleaseGraphics( SalGraphics* pGraphics ) = 0;

So - working out what has failed to release the WinSalGraphics is probably
non-trivial; particularly as the bisection is reasonably unhelpful.

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