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test document to search for \u0163 ţ

Why must we enable a default Complex text layout (CTL) on Tools -> Options ->
Language Settings -> Languages to expose the Diacritic-sensitive check box on
the Find & Replace dialog?  

Without it set, Find & Replace dialog search fails by glyph and for specific
Unicode codepoints using the ICU Regular expression libs.

Open the attached document (no language set for paragraphs).  With no CTL
default set active by the check box, the search for the "LATIN SMALL LETTER T
WITH CEDILLA" by glyph, or by its \u0163 codepoint will fail.

Enable a CTL default language, check the Diacritic-sensitive box, and retest.
Both a search by glyph, and a Regular expression search by codepoint work.

Seems like the diacritic-sensitive should be globally available, but may be
wrapped up in the CTL handling.

Work around for functional search is to have a Complex text layout default
language check box enabled.

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