--- Comment #2 from Ladar Levison <> ---

I solved part of the mystery. I realized that I had another document which was
capable of remembering its position. Based on your tip - over document
properties - I tried resetting the properties to no avail. Long story short, I
found, through trial and error, that when I added a manual page break to the
document, the position was no longer stored. Removing the manual page break
seemed to fix the issue. 

I should note that further testing revealed some other unknown character, meta
information, will trigger this bug. I tested my primary document without page
breaks, but it didn't solve the problem. I created a new document and pasted
lorem ipsum text, and that didn't work either. I wasn't able to figure out why
the place is stored in one of my documents, but not the other.

P.S. Yes, the first, last, and initial fields are all populated.

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