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(In reply to Howard Johnson from comment #54)
> MY QUESTION: Are code comment-only commits (i.e. comments w/o any code
> changes) welcome to the powers that be here?
> I realize that the people who wrote this are probably long gone, so any
> comments will only try to recapture some of what was in their heads, and
> comments will definitely be a work in progress, so some tolerance for not
> getting them right the first time would be appreciated.
> Also my call for comments is not just about this bug.  It appears to me that
> there are a whole backlog of Base bugs that are in the category of:  Given
> the volunteer time we have available, 'too hard' to fix right now.
> Can I get a green light to start to add comments to the code to make it more
> readable, AND if yes, is there some community tolerance for how this is to
> be done, as any comments might be better than none?  
> I have some particular commenting styles I've developed over the years, but
> even I don't always stick to my commenting styles.  :-)  For one I never
> like processing comments into documentation, so I don't do that.  Comments I
> think are to help engineers read the code, period.

Hi Howard,
I appreciate your offer.
I'm not one of the deciders here, I just like to comment, that it might be
better to open a new bug fot this. You might have more readers then.

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