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The behaviour was slightly better before

author  Miklos Vajna <>  2013-12-03 11:59:42 +0100
committer       Miklos Vajna <>  2013-12-03 15:39:04
commit  57450afb768c085df0ba2344aa94b5f843060178 (patch)
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parent  ddbeaada1c7abb0fee88e709f3d6d824f06b39e0 (diff)
DOCX import: declare wps as a supported feature
This means in case we hit an mc:AlternateContent element, we will read
the mc:Choice branch of it, in case wps is the required feature, not the
mc:Fallback one, which contains the information in VML format (after a
lossy conversion).

although it wasn't perfect either, thus not adding the regression keyword

I hope it helps...

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