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Any progress on this guys?

Re: MABs: I presume it's understood that the relevant bug reporting forum
thread is harder to find than the slew of related threads on Q&A fora, viz:
5 years old, 3082 views.
 2. 1
year old 414 views 
2 years old 983 views.

These are 3 of the top handful of hits for "libreoffice writer image default
paste as character" in google; there are many others. All this to say: this 6
year old bug report with 3 users CC'd (now 4) may well give a very wrong
impression of the number of people this negatively affects, given that there's
probably a 3-order-of-magnitude step between tiers of:
1. report on correct bug thread in correct forum (tens)
2. ask question on some Q&A forum (thousands)
3. be affected by issue, get frustrated, find a hacky solution or give up, get
on with your life (millions)

Thanks for the excellent work on the recent big point release, since I'm

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