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> Wrong, see comment 7.

Not wrong, what it actually needed was anyone else to run through the listed
steps to confirm it, which takes ~2 minutes.

I completely understand *why* there is the principle of "you can't confirm your
own bug", however, that should *only* be applied as a principle *if* it's
***not*** reproducible, otherwise it's just deck-chair rearranging. No-one even
tried to reproduce it.

In addition, per comment 6, I even went to the effort of testing this in a
fresh VM to eliminate personal system config. and re-verify reproducibility.

Blindly applying rules when there's actually an
intelligent/useful/obvious/quick alternative action helps no-one.

This is pretty obvious from the fact that this bug languished for 2.5 years
because e.g. Xisco chose to quote a rule rather than run through the steps, and
there has been a serious document security problem that only *now* has been
raised in importance.

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