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Tested with V6.0.2.1 today (2018-03-10). Behaviour unchanged.  

A few additional remarks: 

Text portions being differently formatted (bold, italic e.g.) are wrapped as
expexted. URL textfields are not. These different kinds of text portions are
also differently treated when text is edited under F2: Neither in the formula
bar nor in the cell area URL are editable on the character level then.
Concerning cursor movements an URL is treated as ONE character in this case.

(!)At the same time the URL is editabel in the formula bar if the cell got the
focus by a mouse click. (Additional surprises.) 

Moving the focus to the cell using the cursor keys reults in the 
as-if-one-character beahviour. 

There is more than one inconsistency!

(heritage) The behaviour originally reported is inherited from OOo as I just
tested with LibO V3.3.0 (portable) and also with AOO V4.1.5. 

The inconsistency marked "(!)" above did not show in the tests marked

Were there changes made intentionally? If so everybody knowing the facts is
kindly invited to reort here. 

Is there a stringent reasons to handle URL textfields differently when
calculating for wrapping?

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