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i tried impress remote 2.2.3 and 2.3.0 on android 8.0 and LO 5.4 on linux.
No connection with bluetooth is possible, impressRemote always tells me about
connection problems (btw, the mobile and the laptop can communicate over
bluetooth easily)

Trying 'experimental features' and Wifi ... i get to the point where
impressRemote tells me a passkey (4 digit number) to enter in LO. In LO, the
android device is shown, but after entering the number impress remote on the
mobile crashes.

So, this WAS working properly earlier, i'm not sure if this is attributed to
android 8 or 7 (i tried both).
Last working test was with LO 4 and android 6, since then both linux and
android devices got updated and i didn't use it in the meantime.
Now would be the time that i needed impress remote working again... :-)))

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