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Try to add an index at the end of the attached .odt document as follows:

1. Insert > Table of Contents and Index > Table of contents Index or
2. under tab Type, 'Type and Title' > 'Alphabetical Inex'
3. under tab Type, 'Options' > 'Concordance file' put a check mark
4. under tab Type, 'Options' > 'File' dropdown > 'Open'
5. select concordance.sdi and click Open
6. click Okay again

Now the index is created. Notice that Dennett is not indexed.

If you remove the regular expressions from the .sdi file and Update the index,
then Dennett will be indexed, but all the wrong Dennetts will also be indexed.

The regular expressions are used for two reasons:

1. the Index function must not index the Index itself; and
2. the "Daniel" entry on the 2nd page needs to be excluded.

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