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> I am sorry, I was little bit nervous. I set back it to UNCONFIRMED, because
> I had thought before it fixed.

Apology accepted. 

My problem is that this writing system is a target of nationalism, lot of
nationalist bias and misinformation (about the writing style and usage details
of the script). Some sources of information (mainly about real technicalities,
like the direction of the writing; but many of them about claimed use cases)
are unreliable or strongly biased. A few years back I have tried to gather info
on the topic from lot of "idependent" (=not politically motivated) sources and
the result were that the writing system were used differently and by different
people as it has been claimed by some Hungarian "authority on the subject". One
case was specifically the directionality which I gathered was not restricted to
one direction and plenty of archeological findings showed LTR, RTL or vertical
use. (The historical ambiguities and its related politically motivated
background is really not interesting from our point of view; LO shall support
the writing systems which really exist and all of their possible uses; while we
cannot quite establish that it existed in the wild after the 17th century it's
definitely used by lots of people in the 20th and 21th century, for various
reasons. I think the level of support should be the same as other ancient
scripts not in everyday use anymore.)

All in all: it is used in both directions by scholars and people enthusiastic
about this historical script, recent uses prefer RTL.

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