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Marnix added useful information in bug 115842 indicating the issue might be
tied to the Quickstarter:

"The bug still exists: the colleague using the Win10 Pro with the HD Graphics
630 reported the issue resurfaced the morning after reenabling the
She reports it occurs when opening an Excel-file using Calc; I guess it will
also occur using writer, but her work involves mainly spreadsheets.

She told me that when she ran into the bug while the Quickstarter was enabled,
she kills the Libre process using task manager. When reopening the file, the
menus would be normal.
This workaround, together with my own workaround (replugging a monitor cable)
made me think: could it be that the Quickstarter fails to detect the available
screen space? That would explain the bug (zero height menus, because the
renderer thinks there is no space for the menu to load) and the used
workarounds (which both force Libre to remeasure the available screen space)."

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[Bug 111928] [META] Quickstarter-related issues
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