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(In reply to eladhen2 from comment #11)
> This actually works. Interesting. But this means the default behavior is
> wrong, as far as Hebrew is concerned. And this is something that you need to
> change manually in all styles... Really unapproachable...

Actually, it's worse than that. It means that the dichotomy expressed in this
boolean setting, i.e. you might want to add space between Asian and Latin, or
Asian and RTL, but not between RTL and numbers. I believe there needs to be a
better mapping of this option space by people who have experience both with an
RTL language and an Asian language. Also, it's not clear that digits should be
considered together with Latin characters .

For now, I suggest the "Spacing between RTL and Latin-or-Number characters" be
_split_off_ into its own setting, with the other setting being "Spacing between
Asian and everything else".

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