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Good evening Buovjaga,

> Well, I would say the way the formulas have been created is brittle.

It shouldn't be!
Actually, I originally did first try the native formula functionality.  Years
ago, I was criticized for having the objects in my slides too small and too
crowded.  Those criticisms were correct.  I learned the lesson.  The results of
using the native formula functionality were too crowded for my preferences in
this case, too.  So I brute-forced things to get them as I wanted.  Someday, I
should study and play with LibreOffice's functionality for aligning things.
Regardless, I had things spaced and aligned as I wanted.  Code changes last
year should not have broken that.  After seeing your latest comments, I
re-tried the built-in formula functionality, and the results are still too
crowded for my preferences.

Some more experimentation showed me that things are mostly, but not fully,
corrected if I set the text boxes so text is vertically centered within them. 
When I originally made the slide, I was not aware of such a choice.  So
whatever the default was is what I got.  It was great when I made the slide. 
Did code changes last year change (default?) vertical positioning of text in
text boxes?

The problem that I reported in this bug is not limited to one Impress file. 
Another with no formulas also shows this bug; that Impress file and a
screen-capture of its slide were attached to the bug last month.

If I'm the only person experiencing this problem, then I'm ok with the bug
being “RESOLVED” as “NOTABUG”, and I will brute-force fix the slides. 
Otherwise, this bug needs further attention.

The slide with the formulas is also the subject of bug 105424 (textbox and
rectangle fill transparency altered when file is loaded.).  That problem still
exists.  Is that bug actively being worked?

My apologies for the delayed response: I've been swamped for the past 3 days.


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