--- Comment #45 from Tyr Antilles <> ---
- I installed the latest dev build "LibreOfficeDev x64" --->
"libo-60-64~2018-03-12_03.21.13_LibreOfficeDev_6." from
 and sadly the problem is still present.

- With LibreOfficeDev x64 I created a new ODT file, I paste special
with unformatted text some text on it, I inserted a random picture and saved
the file. Crash still happen, so, is not only happening on older ODT files.

- I fire up Procdump again, used the command line 
procdump64 soffice.bin -e d:\PDF\soffice.bin.dmp
but again no file is created. I managed to capture a screenshot (see attach
from previous comment).

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