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> What I can see is happening to cause this now is that double clicks are
> being seen as single clicks here [1] causing the code that expands/collapses
> on double click to be skipped over.
> [1]
> cxx#2020

So this isn't due to the double clicks being seen as single clicks but a few
lines of code down the DoubleClickHdl() has been recently changed to return

commit 7651e57573952758032ceb88f16e2dbbb6cc4e18
Author: Jan Holesovsky <>, Thu Mar 1 12:13:53 2018 +0100 (12
days ago)
Committer: Jan Holesovsky <>, Thu Mar 1 15:41:13 2018 +0100
(12 days ago)
Follows: libreoffice-6-0-branch-point
Branches: <Expand>

tdf#115950: Indicate that the dialog was already destroyed.

The DoubleClickHdl()'s return value does not mean "was handled", but actually
"is there anything more to be done"; so if we actually destroy the dialog in
the aDoubleClickHdl.Call(this), we have to return 'false'.

Change-Id: I7c510e8341eb5f74703b4266f86cb1e840a2b1fd
Tested-by: Jenkins <>
Reviewed-by: Jan Holesovsky <>

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