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--- Comment #5 from Timur <> ---
I reproduced with 6.1+ like this:
1. Open a new Writer document.
2. Write the 4 lines "Test1", "Test2", "Test3", "Test4".
3. Select "Test2".
Go to Insert -> Section, enable the checkbox "Hide", insert the condition
"hidden==1" without doublequotes and click on "Insert".
4. Select "Test4".
Go to Insert -> Section and click on "Insert".
5. Put cursor before "Test2" and press Delete to delete text and than again to
delete the section.
6. Press CTRL + Z to Undo.
The second line will now be empty.
7. Press CTRL + Z to Undo again.
Test2 appears now again in the section but this line got duplicated as
non-section at the end.

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