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--- Comment #6 from --- is the primary website that I try to copy pictures from into a
LibreOffice Writer document.  The pictures will disappear after a time if I
don't save the document immediately.  If I do save it soon after creating it,
the next time I go to open the saved document, the picture will be gone and an
empty box of where it was is the only thing that I see.

Also, another problem with the house pictures is that they will overlap on a
page when I try to copy a number of them.  I had to create multiple Writer
documents just to try to capture all of the house photos.  If I was using
Microsoft's Word, I could copy many house photos on a single Word document.  

Moreover, I used to copy articles from that had embedded photos in
them and, with Microsoft's Word, I had no problems copying them and they never
disappeared at any time.  But that isn't the case with LibreOffice's Writer. 
Pictures always disappear with a box that has "Read Error" in the top left

If you could fix these problems, it'd be great.  I hope this is the information
that you were looking for.  I am not computer savvy so I had no idea of what
information to fill in the above boxes such as URL, Whiteboard, etc.

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