--- Comment #3 from Eike Rathke <> ---
The default is now Diacritic-sensitive, but has an effect only in new
installations as the checkbox value is remembered in the user configuration,
which in existing installations was remembered from the hidden Diacritic-ignore

Fwiw, contrary to what was said in comment 0, in German I do *not* expect
diacritics to be ignored. Umlauts are distinct letters, not some "variation of
a base" letter. Searching for Bar should not find Bär.
I could bet also in French accented characters are not to be mangled.

Trying to couple the Diacritic-sensitive default to locale/language IMHO is
doomed to fail. There is no default locale with text, text either has a
specific locale attribute or is set to None. Different portions of text can
have different locales assigned. Often enough text is attributed with the
user's current default locale but is written in another language and the
attribute never changed. A coupled default would lead to bad user experience.

Rather tackle the reason why Diacritic-sensitive was introduced first-hand: for
Arabic. So have a second Arabic-diacritic-sensitive checkbox and if (default)
unchecked ignore diacritics only in text portions written in Arabic script.

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