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With a recent notice from Mark Hung, I have found that W3C Requirements for
Chinese Text Layout has following notes at section 2.3.5:
“Character size. For the main target audience of publications, i.e. the adult
population, the most common character size is 10.5pt (≒3.7mm) or 9pt (≒3.2mm).
The minimum acceptable size is 8pt (≒2.8mm), except for specialized

Then I found Requirements for Chinese Text Layout has following instruction for
Kihon-kanmen (basic layout):
“b. Character size. Generally 9 point (about 3.2mm) type is common. Except for
specialized publications such as dictionaries, the minimum size of type is 8
point (about 2.8mm).”

“(note 1) In Western text layout, 10 point (about 3.5mm) or 12 point (about
4.2mm) type is common. This is mainly because of a difference in design
principles between Japanese and Latin characters.”

Requirements for Korean Text Layout doesn’t have such requirement.

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