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Hello Olivier, *,
(In reply to Olivier Hallot from comment #2)
> Confirmed.
> @Thomas: can you attach here the screenshot of the de-DE dialog? I'll add to
> the image folder. 
> You can use the instructions of this page to take the screenshot:
> while you are at the shooting, please add the suggested XML too. Thx.

sigh ... Just out of curiosity: do I need to build the whole LO core to get the
help files? That would mean that my oldish and buggy laptop will overheat
and/or do something other strange stuff ... :( Apart from the needed disk space
... I have checked out the help files with git, but I do not know how to do
screenshot with these files ... :(

And what do you mean with "suggested XML"? I have no idea how I would do that
... :(
Sorry for the inconvenience

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