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* When I am using only my MacBook Pro 2015 15" .. the colour difference between
the exported PDFs is negligible (but the editor display colours are different
with LO being paler than original PNG)

* When using a colour calibrated and fairly accurate NEC EA244UHD display the
difference in the exported PDF colours is very different

The original bug was reported under the second scenario.

I'm not sure what this means?

It could mean the incorrect profile is being applied to the images on export
which is disguised by a display with low colour range (sRGB) but is magnified
by a display with a fuller gamut (AdobeRGB)?

In any case, MS Office seems to handle this correctly but there are 2 issues
with LO and LO61-dev

 * display in editor view is paler than actual PNG
 * export PDFS have oversaturated colours

I hope this helps identify the issue.

As information I'd like to request a short description of what the current
state of LO and colour profiles actually is, bugs aside.

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