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Bibisect log

The "Arrow Style, Corner Style and Cap Style" where hidden for a while..

--> The blackout started with (it was working before)
31c7ac9f3bb171a85cbf0d2f5c506de765ebcd66 is the first bad commit
commit 31c7ac9f3bb171a85cbf0d2f5c506de765ebcd66
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <>
Date:   Thu Feb 4 17:25:29 2016 -0800

--> Arrow dialog reappeared but disabled
author  Rishabh Kumar <>    2016-05-25 17:19:56 +0530
committer       Katarina Behrens <>      2016-05-25
16:42:54 +0000
commit  f131e6ef72bcb778bef11a497777bef099d9c4d9 (patch)
tree    987a014c979309ce4f563274f2eb2a36e3038f75
parent  80502737b2ac722d4adfd4e89d3dc46799ded97e (diff)
Disable line arrow heads when a shape is selected

Commit f131e6ef72bcb778bef11a497777bef099d9c4d9 is might be the cause in some
sense. My non-DEV guess: "mbArrowSupported"  isn't set for custom shapes...?

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