--- Comment #30 from Lionel Elie Mamane <> ---
I mean, if you solve the bug at a deeper level and truly allow the process to
handle spaces, then all the better. To do that, the right place is probably not
the yacc/lex grammar per se. We need to find the code that gets the localised
string chosen in the menu and maps it back to SQL keywords (which happen to
resemble English). That's the point that needs to be fixed. Hopefully it just
needs to treat the whole string gotten from the menu as an indivisible string
instead of tokenizing it. To get started on that, look where the error is
raised and go from there. If there is already Greek at that point, go back and
find where that Greek is coming from.

But failing that, at least the non-breaking space will solve this particular
bug which is problematic for Greek users.

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