Bug ID: 116867
           Summary: Allow direct jump navigation between tabs/sheets in
                    Calc via a drop up list that could be access via a
                    button located between the two tabs/sheets scrolling
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: medium
         Component: Calc

When you open a spreadsheet in Calc with a high number of sheets (tabs) it can
be cumbersome to navigate between them by using the scrolling arrows especially
if they have long names and you need to jump back and force between sheets

Similarly to Firefox which has a drop down list of all opened tabs, I was
wondering if the LO development team would consider this bug as a feature
request (enhancement) of Design UI interface to add an additional UI widget in
the Calc interface within the scrolling feature (already used for navigating
forward or backward between sheets (tabs)) to allow direct jump/navigation
between tabs.

It could be set as a drop up list that could be available at a click of a
button located between the two horizontal scrolling arrows prefixing the sheet
list (tabs) something like:

 |  Sheet3 |
 |  Sheet2 |
 |v Sheet1 |
 << < O > >> [Sheet1][Sheet2][Sheet3]

Hope this rapid design layout make sense...

The O is a button, located between the arrows, that show/hide(default) via
onclick the drop up list of all sheets/tabs available in the spreadsheet. 

In the list that appears, the v simply indicate the current sheet selected

Each sheet in the drop up list is a link allowing to directly jump to the sheet
by clicking on it in the list... (the same way in Firefox you would access an
open tab in its drop down list of tabs). As soon a sheet link is clicked it you
jump to that sheet and the drop down menu would disappear.

I know there is alternative way to navigate between sheets by pressing F5 and
use the navigation panel but this is nor intuitive nor really eye candy.

Maybe this drop up list of tabs feature and navigation panel could be merged
into one feature or simply make the navigation panel appears as a drop up list
located as design above... by pressing button available between the arrows.

It could also be set as a side panel as well... to allow to always have it at
hand and in visual.

I hope you may consider such features within the on going work done on UI
re-design for LO.


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