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The "date" is indeed a text. You can verify that quickly with the toggle
shortcut key Ctrl+F8. True numbers and dates are shown in blue.
The file "ActualCSV file stored as XLSX format" has already the dates as text.
Excel considers the file as broken and "repairs" it.

To repair the document in LibreOffice do these steps:
1. Open document
2. Create a new column after column C
3. Copy the entire column C to clipboard
4. Click on newly cell D1
5. Paste the clipboard as "Unformated text". That is one of the options, when
you click on the little triangle at the "Paste" icon. You get a csv-import
6. In section "Field" of this dialog click on the column header "Standard".
That activates the drop-down list "Column type".
7. From that list use the item "Date (MDY)".
8. Compare the columns C and D to make sure the content is correctly converted.
9. Delete column C.
10. Do the same with column D "sent_at" and column F "received_at".

Your current workflow which generates this file has these shortcomings:
A. There is no need to wrap CSV data into an Excel fragment. LibreOffice (and
data bases in general) can work with CSV data directly.
B. Never use date in a CSV file in local notation. But always store dates in
ISO format. It will then be read correctly by all application, that use this
CSV file.

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