--- Comment #1 from Peter Toye <> ---
I am having problems with the template manager, and I think that there is a
disconnect between the user interface and reality. 

The manager shows templates and gives each of them a name. But this name does
not necessarily correspond to the file name of the associated template file.
This is extremely confusing as it does not seem to be mentioned anywhere in the
documentation or help files. The relation between the two names (if there is
any) should be documented.

In addition, when copying template files from one folder to another using
normal file techniques strange things happen to the template names (sorry,
can't reproduce without giving you my entire file system!).

I suggest that some puts a bit of work into designing a properly functioning
template system which makes plain the difference between a template name and a
file name, and allows the user to change either as required. Or just to keep
them the same and rely on the standard filing system to resolve name clashes. I
realise that this might be a bit hard to design given that some file systems
are case-sensitive and some aren't. I'm not even sure whether template names
are case-sensitive (again, one for the documentation).

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