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I managed to hard fix the problem. My solution is not acceptable because it's
not generic but i think it can help you :)

The problem that cause the crash is :
E/libo:sal/osl/unx/file: failed to open

As you can see in the printed path there is a folder missing in the path.
Tha path should be :

The file where the crash occurs is "sal/osl/unx/file.cxx" It would be nice to
add more check in the ANDROID part of the path. (think of path integrity check)

I hard fixed the path in this file for testing purposes and it's working I can
now edit and click on the header/footer.

I am using the experimental for 3 months and a lot of crashes I encounter are
due to this behavior. This bug is present in a lot an area of the app, you
should consider making it as a high priority.

Gilles Dubois.

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