--- Comment #15 from Matthias Urlichs <> ---
Oh, it gets worse. I have a label printer. The OS page setup / print dialogs
(Linux Gnome) display the available label sizes (from the remote printer's PPD,
I presume). LO, on the other hand, only shows its standard paper sizes even
when I select this printer in File / Printer Settingsā€¦ . It's simply not
reasonable to force the user to manually enter custom page sizes or workaround
the problem via PDFs, when the OS affords reasonable page sizes to any program
that cares to ask.

Using the OS page setup and print dialog boxes is not a "stopgap measure". It's
the only sane way to handle printing. The times where the OS dialog was so
unuseable and/or inadequate that you had no choice but invent your own are

As it is now, my printer is unuseable with LO. :-(

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