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Hey no need for vulgarity--keep it clean please!

We still will need the OOXML .docx from Word 2013--though you can save from
Word to ODF formats--let MS do the formula conversion to ODF MathML. Might do a
better job than LibreOffice's import.

Otherwise, here is the StarMath ML for the example formula (note the syntax for
the chemical formulas...

ml of solution left({1L} over {1000ml} right) left({mol~ of Solute} over {1L}
right) left ( {1mol H_2 PO_4^{-{}}} over {1mol` solute} right ) = mol~ H_2

Use empty quotes "", or empty braces {} as placeholders for layout, and the
space characters grave `, or tilde ~ to adjust spacing.

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