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Finally was able to bisect this - and reliably!
The effect manifests more and more when you go further away from A1. So I
always clicked to T1 and started pressing some letter.
I used the gen VCL backend.


commit  29a9f433c268414747d8ec7343fc2b5987971738 (patch)
tree    880958e82d23c37b0511efc88c27651ffd3c99b9
parent  7a264c3bbaab6b32741333c6862c902930d8654c (diff)
Resolves: tdf#91778 drawing the background over an active cursor
will overwrite it, which means that when it toggles "off" afterwards, it uses
invert on the freshly drawn background which will visually make it appear "on"
and not off

Just explictly turn it off and restore it and avoid the whole potential

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