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There is also another behavior observed when copy pasting.

As soon as the bug is observed (text copied but past option grey out) do the

1.Paste text using Ctrl+V
2. Observe that the font changes to Liberation Sans(which is correct because
that the font in the pdf)
3. The font is detected sometimes as LiberationSans instead of Liberation Sans
and hence LO says font not found. (This is also a bug. Becuase pdf was exported
using LO originally)
4.Undo the paste using Ctrl+Z
5. The font should revert back to Liberation Serif but it doesn't and remains
as Liberation Sans.
6. Anything pasted after this(using Paste_Special-Paste_Unformatted_Text) will
assume Liberation Sans font instead of Liberation Serif. 

Expected Result. The font should be reverted to Liberation Serif and any text
pasted without formatting shoudl have Liberation Serif Font. Bug is that The
Font doesn't get reverted when using Undo.

This additional buggy behavior is not observed if the Above described bug is
not observed and everything works fine.

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