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In the other LibreOffice modules I get the same crash when I try to open the
Format>Character dialog. Also when opening the Print dialog it crashes

The setting I had was 'Let Windows manage my default printer', meaning that it
picks the one most recently used.

After setting a different default printer the crash no longer happens when I
open the Format>Character or Print dialog (yeah!). But when I then select the
Ricoh printer it crashes again...

At least I can continue editing documents -- I just cannot print them here in
the office, unless I first export to PDF and then print the PDF.

So it's quite obvious now that the problem is caused by the Ricoh printer
driver. What do you recommend? I'm a bit reluctant to try a different driver
because I've had to spent a lot of time to get it working (we're in a shared
office, and the printer driver was provided by the office management, but
otherwise not much support). Besides it works OK for other applications. 

Long shot: I use Visual Studio for .NET development, but I think that I can
also build and debug C/C++, so I could try to download the source code and try
to reproduce the exception in the debugger...

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