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Bibisected to the following range using bibisect-43all:

The following commit seems to be related at first sight:
author          Miklos Vajna <>  2012-11-30 15:33:52 +0100
committer       Miklos Vajna <>  2012-11-30 17:25:15 +0100

fdo#57708 fix fake page break problem during RTF import
The core of this change is: so far the continous section break at the
end of the document was sent as a normal section break. This was
introduced in commit 892d33c8d5033b4f8f7889bf91d257f55adf0e1f, probably
as a workaround (sadly it's not documented and I no longer remember).
Don't do this, since it causes additional page breaks during import.
Instead, fix properly whatever was broken after getting rid of this

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 81234] [META] RTF filter issues
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